Happy to be Nappy…why aren’t you?

waved, coiled or kinky

not natively long, shiny and silky

cornrowed or interlocked

blown out and knotted by night.

Brainwashed to think me ugly,

so you attempt to eradicate me

fryed, dyed, layed to the syde,

burned the scalp because you lyed.

damaged, singed, plus split ends

wrapped ’round, secured with pins

bleached at times shaved off completely

in order to disguise my true identity

yanked and brushed

to force cooperation

spritz then gel

helped build foundation

three months have lapsed

I finally recognize me

no matter how you flip the script

I’m still lurking in between

Sheens and pomades

put up a masquerade

change my texture


Yet no chemical process

will convert me

to yaki from nappy



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