Does a President or Candidate Need to Engage in Social Media for Himself (or Herself)?

In response to Does Bob Barr Twitter for Himself? on TechPresident

Why does a President need to engage in social media? Is it alright that a President’s staff represent the President in the social arena. What does that mean? I have some ideas about this issue.

The President Should Engage

Social media is about being genuine. I understand that the President is very busy and he might not be able to spend hours a day updating his Myspace page or accepting friend requests on Facebook. It is important, however, that he does take the time to write some material himself. An outlet like a blog is someplace where the President can start. No speech writers or publicists, just pure thoughts. It is okay for someone to give the President some ideas, but the words should be his. We (supposedly) chose this person because of his charisma and charm not to mention his whit and knowledge base. We should let him flaunt it sometimes.

The President Should be Aware

In the instance that it is not possible for the President to update and be active on each and every social media site, potential issues and sensitive subjects should be brought to the President’s attention. Social media sites are a source of media. A publicist wouldn’t dare neglect to tell the President of crisis that occurred in traditional media. Social media should be taken just as seriously. The potential reach and damage of a digital crisis can be greater than traditional media.

The President Should Acknowledge

At the very least, a President should acknowledge that social media and the Internet exists. These terms do not represent the far future of communications, they represent the NOW. It is important that the President at least understand how to communicate with his public.


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