So…What’s the Big Problem With CEO’s Blogging?

They Tend to be Boring


Finding an appropriate voice and tone for a blog takes time. I have been struggling with this fact the entire length of my summer class. It is often difficult and time consuming to find material to blog about and furthermore material that interests the audience. The topics covered rarely stimulate a dialogue. And quite frankly, most CEO’s cannot devote the time it takes to make a good blog.


They Tend to be Inconsistent


What’s wrong with posting once a month? There is a lot wrong with that. The audience will lose interest. Imagine if your favorite store only added new merchandise once a month. How often would you go? The digital world has greatly shortened everyone’s attention span. People yearn for instant gratification. If material is not constantly changing, most people would tune out.


They Tend to be Dry


If people wanted to read a business journal, they would do just that. People do not search for a purely fact based article. The blog is not the place for that. There needs to be personality and style. Not to mention, wide topics of interest for the audience. The blog is not the place for a sales pitch, it is a place for a conversation to happen. Most CEO’s don’t recognize this.


Words of Advice


Be Yourself…but not too Much


Realize the separation between your business and personal lives. Realize that everything you say will reflect on yourself as well as your company. Realize that once you publish something on the Internet, it stays on the Internet. Think before you type.


Be Consistent


If you do not have enough material to post at the very least once a week, maybe a blog is not for you. Audiences respond when a blog seems like a conversation. Comments need to be addressed promptly and topics need to be refreshed appropriately.


Keep in mind, some CEO’s have done it right. See here.


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