Of Death and Social Media

Times have changed and I don’t foresee that they are going back. We are so dependent on technology that virtually the way we deal with everything has changed. Last year, a friend of mine died in a car accident. The way I found out: Myspace. Someone on my friend list told me and my friend’s brother posted the details and funeral arrangements on his Myspace profile. When my mother died, I let all my friends know via Myspace and Facebook. About a month ago, one of my classmates from Morgan died and I found out via text message. I searched for the details on Google. And just this week, we a radio personality in Baltimore passed this week, I found out via her Myspace wall. Condolences filled the page.


What does this Mean?


Communications have gone digital. Millennials and generations after them have changed everything. They don’t search in newspapers and books. Search is done through Google and Google news. Information is electronically obtained, conversations happen over the web. SMS messages have replaced the short phone call.


This article has little to do with death and everything to do with digital. To communicate with audiences, you have to go where they are. They are on the Internet and on their cell phones. Most young people will never pick up a newspaper to read (maybe to wrap a fragile item.) Digital is not the future, it is the present. To survive, companies have to get on board. Digital is no longer an option, it is a requirement.


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