I Can’t Say I Want to Read About This

For someone who is opposed to this war in Iraq, I find it hard to read blogs written by people on the front lines. I might very well be the only person who feels this way. For one of my classes, I read several milblogs. The entries I read surprised me. Much of the blogging gave incite about how some soldiers feel about the war.


One blog, Army of Dude, is written by a soldier named Alex. His about me reads:

“Just another buoy in the great sea of milbloggers trying to make it by”


Alex speaks of remembering failing soldiers and completing a tour of duty. One thing I did not expect to read was how many soldiers did not want to return. The government always paints a picture about how soldiers understand the sacrifice for their country and have no problem for dying for patriotism, but this blog claims that many soldiers feel otherwise. I am no soldier, but I cannot imagine being excited to fight a war that began under questionable pretenses. It is amazing to me that any of the entries are actually positive.



Another blog, Blackfive, is written by a former soldier. The tenets of Blackfive are supporting the military, caring for the wounded, remembering the fallen and honoring the sacrifices. What surprised me about this blog is the amount of humor that is interjected. Titles of the entries include “Copy Cats” (featuring a group of Iraqi children mimicking an American soldier) and “Give me a second. I gotta go kill these guys first.” I guess it is easier to include some humor once you have withdrawn from the military.  


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