Lucky, Lucky DC

While reading a blog created by a classmate called Shannon’s Corner, I became further familiar with the debate about DC getting metered cabs. It seems that others are also livid about the issue. Check out this one blog here written by a cab driver in DC. My feeling on the issue: It’s about time! You must excuse me if I do not sympathize. I am from just up the highway in Baltimore and we have had metered cabs since I remember. If metered cabs are not to your liking, there are several ways to avoid cabs in Baltimore though.

1. Public Transportation
2. Sedans
3. Hacks
4. Personal Transportation

Public Transportation

MTA Maryland

MTA Maryland

Public transportation in Baltimore can be very affordable. The current fares are listed below. Although our public transportation system is not the best, it is very possible to get almost anywhere you need to go in the city and county using it.

One-way pass: $1.60
Day pass: $3.50
Weekly pass: $16.50
Monthly pass: $64.00


Some sedan drivers are independent operators and differ from cab drivers in that they cannot pick up impromptu fares. Other sedan companies are very similar to limousine services. These sedans often offer a higher quality of service. The drivers are salary based and therefore there is more incentive to provide the customer with excellent service. Prices for this service varies, but according to Freedom Services (a local sedan service) “the professional, reliable, and safe transportation services” make it worth the cost.


If you are not from Baltimore, chances are you have never heard of a hack. Hack drivers are usually drivers that use their personal mode of transportation to transport others around. There are no meters and no zones. The price is negotiated between the driver and the passenger. The problem with these hacks is that they are often very dangerous and illegal.

Personal Transportation

My Jetta

My Jetta

My Geico

My Geico

I choose this option. Although gas prices are rising, I have not been able to find a feasible alternative to my car. The price of owning a car is expensive (nearly $700 a month for me,) but I feel comfortable with that. And for those of you who are griping about inconsistency in fare in DC, just think about how lucky you were up until this point!


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