Wikiscanner: Christianity

I am currently taking a course for my master’s degree, and I was tasked with examining a Wikiscanner for a particular Wikipedia entry. While searching for an interesting topic, I thought of various subjects. I decided to choose a topic that is heavily controversial (figuring that many different organizations would have something to say.)


Religion is and always will be a controversial subject. It is a subject that many people want to weigh in on and have strong convictions about. While completing my undergraduate degree, I took a course in religion in hopes of gaining greater incite in the topic. The course, Christianity, Judaism and Islam, covered the origins of these religions and the doctrine that supported them. I remember very heated discussions about the contradictions and discrepancies in all of the religions, but none of them registered the same as Christianity.


The Findings


There were 3796 edits for the Wikipedia page “Christianity.” The top five are listed below:


Top Five Organizations Editing the “Christianity” Wikipedia page


Organization Name

Number of Edits

Hsuan Chuang University


Api Digital Communications Group Llc


State University Of New York At Buffalo


Rcn Corporation


Chunghwa Telecom Data Communication Business Group



I am not surprised that of the top five contributing organizations, two of them are universities. Intellectuals and academia professionals tend to have very strong interests in topics related to religion. I am, however, surprised that the remaining three organizations are of communications backgrounds. I have never seen the link between communications and religion. Evidently, I am the one who is missing something.


Hot Button Topics


Amongst the top five organizations that edited the “Christianity” Wikipedia page, the following topics are very popular:


  • “Timeline”
  • “Christianity and persecution”
  • “History and Origins”
  • “Beliefs”
  • “Practices”


I have found that these topics were always the aspects of Christianity that I found most confusing. With all the different denominations of Christianity, it is often hard to find a consensus about the facts.


Surprisingly Not That Many Edits


While scanning the topic of various edits, I was surprised to see that the following topics were not edited very often.


  • “Jesus”
  • “Judaism”


I constantly question Christianity and its relationship to Judaism through Jesus. I never understood why Christians did not follow more closely to Judaism. I guess not that many people have the same questions.


Lessons Learned


Wikipedia is an ever-changing tool. The beauty of the site lies within its framework. Considering that virtually anyone can change it, the pages are always up for discussion. There will never be a concrete page, and therefore Wikipedia adapts with changes in technology and facts. Christianity is a topic that will always be debated, and therefore more changes will be forthcoming.


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