Connecting and Fundraising…What Obama Does Well

This summer, I decided to take a course in digital political campaigns for my graduate studies at Georgetown. I will be the first to admit that I have not chosen who I will vote for. I still remain generally uninterested in both candidates, however, this class has given me incite into the differences, at least concerning technology, between McCain and Obama.


Obama Gets It…Or at Least His Team Does


Obama is EVERYWHERE on the Internet.  He is creating connections with people and going where his audience is. He is embracing a key concept in public relations. Using various touchpoints, Obama is able to create tailored messaging to suite his various publics.


Although he is recognizes that many older Americans are not as active on the Internet as younger people are, he also understands that the largest generation in America, the Millennials, has never lived without computers. His initial position as an underdog allowed for him to take an unprecedented approach which is heavily Internet focused.


So…What Does This Have to Do With Money?


I figured you would ask that. According to Deloitte, the Millennials are very tech savvy, connected to computers/technology 24/7 and community oriented. They are likely to support a cause with which they feel a connection to. From his web site to all of the social media he participates in, Obama makes that connection. Not only does he make the connection, but he makes it easy to give to his campaign by accepting small dollar donations through various sites. Every social media site, every email and every text refers supporters to a call to action. He has truly integrated his campaign to create a synergistic fundraising plan.



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