The Beauty of Social Media

Social media, along with advent of cheap production mediums, has created directors and journalists out of all of us. Armed with a Macbook and a couple questions, anyone can produce a video that can have the potential to be viewed by millions of people. This reach extends further than that of traditional media outlets. Social media has made journalism accessible outside of a huge media organization.

Enter Emergency Cheese…

In class this week, we will discuss how social media, namely YouTube, has, and will continue to, shape politicians’ image on line. EmergencyCheese, a.k.a. James Kotecki, already began analyzing this topic. He has posted almost 200 YouTube videos discussing various candidates use of YouTube as a political strategy. He has been able to harness the power of social media and solidified his expertise on the subject.

Is Emergency Cheese a Journalist?

Of course he is. He, along with millions of other people, is a citizen journalist. Before his position at Politico, from the comfort of his dorm room, James asked the questions that he, along with thousands of other people, wanted to know about the candidates. He even garnered enough attention on line to warrant several of the candidates to come to his dorm room for an interview. WOW! Social media has truly leveled the playing field.

EmergencyCheese vs. Chris Matthews of Hardball

At the core, there is little difference between the commentary of EmergencyCheese and Chris Matthews. Both men represent views that people want to hear. Both men are considered experts in their respective fields. Both men are journalists. Both men have the respect of their peers. The difference lies mostly in the production. The issue is independent production versus corporate production. The reality is that both have their place in the political realm.


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