So…what about Google?

Google has been at the forefront of search since I was in middle school. It has become a verb to describe its very function. Since its inception, Google has always done things a little differently. While its competitors have been trying to find ways to charge its users for various levels of service or various products. Google has created over 50 free products and services for its users and always strive to create more.

But how does Google make money? One word: advertising. Google has revolutionized online advertising; matching companies with specific keywords. This process increases the likelihood of Google users to be interested in the products or services advertised on the page.

What makes Google so revolutionary? The value lies within Google’s knowledge when other search engines discarded keyword combinations and search files of their users, Google kept that information. Now Google has more knowledge about human online behavior than any other company or government in the world. Furthermore, we as users of Google, volunteer additional information to receive customized results for our searches.

Google RSS reader answers questions

But what if….What if Google decided to use all its knowledge and information it collects for evil…should we be afraid of Google? I think we should! If someone were to break into our houses, they still would not be able to tap into our thoughts, ideas and desires. This information is stored within Google and is what makes its reach so powerful.

If one day, Google decided to share its wealth of knowledge with the government, would we be comfortable with the government having that kind of incite into out lives? My guess is probably not!

I guess when it comes to Google, we should just pray for the best and prepare for the worst.


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