Cluetrain Manifesto

I have had an opportunity to read the 95 theses and chapters 3 and 4 of the Cluetrain Manifesto. Personally, I think the 95 theses can stand alone. The authors make some interesting points in the theses that have peaked my interest.

One point: “Public Relations does not relate to the public. Companies are deeply afraid of their markets.”

I toy with this idea all the time. It is one reason why I shyed away from the profession for so long. Often when I think about Public Relations, I think of Hitler and President Bush…people who have used so called “PR” techniques (or propaganda) to manipulate the public into believing their stance on politics was the best.

I gained some comfort after reading chapter four in the Manifesto. According to Searls and Weinberger, “the best of the people in PR are not PR types at all.” I sincerely believe that. I believe that rather than dazzle a customer with bullshit, a great PR professional lays out the facts in a way that sparks a conversation between the customer and the company.  There are definitely some PR professionals that give all the glitz and glamour with no substance, but it is a wonder how they sleep at night!



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