You Are Never Off the Record

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There just isn’t such a thing of being off record. The age of camera phones and YouTube have managed to make everything public.

See this video here featuring President Bush amongst “friends” as they share a candid moment:

Or what about the moment when you discover that maybe the President really know that much about anything:

But what if the President says something that contradicts everything he stood for:


Quit While You Are Behind

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I cannot say that I support any Presidential candidate. I haven’t been following more than I have to for this class, but I must say that McCain doesn’t look so good. According to, McCain isn’t giving up on the youth vote. His team went on to say

“it will focus on his legacy as a war hero, plus appearances on late night television shows — including Saturday Night Live — and town hall meetings around the country.”

Who is he trying to persuade? Obviously not me! I haven’t watched Saturday Night Live since shortly after Eddie Murphy left and I haven’t attended a town hall meeting in ages. I think McCain is totally missing the mark.

Youth Live on the Internet!

This is how we interact with friends and family. We congregate online and form opinions from news we gather for ourselves. Whether he chooses to engage or not, we are having various conversations online and they are probably not in his favor. We need a President who can adapt to change and who is a fast learner. Heaven forbid having to explain to McCain that 8-track is no longer the musical media of choice.

According to Pew Internet and American Life Project, 46% of Americans have used the Internet, email or cell phone text messaging to get news about the campaign, share their views and mobilize others. Furthermore, two-thirds of Internet users under the age of 30 have a social networking profile, and half of these use social networking sites to get or share information about politics or the campaigns.

Still think you can rely on Saturday Night Live and your illustrious war career? Get wired McCain!

Does a President or Candidate Need to Engage in Social Media for Himself (or Herself)?

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In response to Does Bob Barr Twitter for Himself? on TechPresident

Why does a President need to engage in social media? Is it alright that a President’s staff represent the President in the social arena. What does that mean? I have some ideas about this issue.

The President Should Engage

Social media is about being genuine. I understand that the President is very busy and he might not be able to spend hours a day updating his Myspace page or accepting friend requests on Facebook. It is important, however, that he does take the time to write some material himself. An outlet like a blog is someplace where the President can start. No speech writers or publicists, just pure thoughts. It is okay for someone to give the President some ideas, but the words should be his. We (supposedly) chose this person because of his charisma and charm not to mention his whit and knowledge base. We should let him flaunt it sometimes.

The President Should be Aware

In the instance that it is not possible for the President to update and be active on each and every social media site, potential issues and sensitive subjects should be brought to the President’s attention. Social media sites are a source of media. A publicist wouldn’t dare neglect to tell the President of crisis that occurred in traditional media. Social media should be taken just as seriously. The potential reach and damage of a digital crisis can be greater than traditional media.

The President Should Acknowledge

At the very least, a President should acknowledge that social media and the Internet exists. These terms do not represent the far future of communications, they represent the NOW. It is important that the President at least understand how to communicate with his public.

Getting With the Program

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Is it me or does it seem like the Republican Party is acting more Democratic? I mean that in the sense that they have begun to embrace social media more. TechPresident reported that the Republican National Committee downloadable toolbar.



Innovative and proactive tools seem to be more of a Democratic thing. Republicans tend to be more reserved and rely heavily on more traditional media and tools. In the past couple of months, Republicans have engaged in various Web 2.0 tools:

These tools allow communities to form and a two-conversation to occur. But it just doesn’t seem the same to me. I think I know why. I think it is because many individual candidates do not engage or even understand what social media is. Take John McCain for instance. Through John McCain Nation, you can engage on the following levels:

Why doesn’t it seem genuine? Not just because John McCain doesn’t personally engage. It is because he is clueless to social media. Oh, I shouldn’t say clueless, he is starting to use the “Internets.”

Happy to be Nappy…why aren’t you?

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waved, coiled or kinky

not natively long, shiny and silky

cornrowed or interlocked

blown out and knotted by night.

Brainwashed to think me ugly,

so you attempt to eradicate me

fryed, dyed, layed to the syde,

burned the scalp because you lyed.

damaged, singed, plus split ends

wrapped ’round, secured with pins

bleached at times shaved off completely

in order to disguise my true identity

yanked and brushed

to force cooperation

spritz then gel

helped build foundation

three months have lapsed

I finally recognize me

no matter how you flip the script

I’m still lurking in between

Sheens and pomades

put up a masquerade

change my texture


Yet no chemical process

will convert me

to yaki from nappy


Of Death and Social Media

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Times have changed and I don’t foresee that they are going back. We are so dependent on technology that virtually the way we deal with everything has changed. Last year, a friend of mine died in a car accident. The way I found out: Myspace. Someone on my friend list told me and my friend’s brother posted the details and funeral arrangements on his Myspace profile. When my mother died, I let all my friends know via Myspace and Facebook. About a month ago, one of my classmates from Morgan died and I found out via text message. I searched for the details on Google. And just this week, we a radio personality in Baltimore passed this week, I found out via her Myspace wall. Condolences filled the page.


What does this Mean?


Communications have gone digital. Millennials and generations after them have changed everything. They don’t search in newspapers and books. Search is done through Google and Google news. Information is electronically obtained, conversations happen over the web. SMS messages have replaced the short phone call.


This article has little to do with death and everything to do with digital. To communicate with audiences, you have to go where they are. They are on the Internet and on their cell phones. Most young people will never pick up a newspaper to read (maybe to wrap a fragile item.) Digital is not the future, it is the present. To survive, companies have to get on board. Digital is no longer an option, it is a requirement.

So…What’s the Big Problem With CEO’s Blogging?

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They Tend to be Boring


Finding an appropriate voice and tone for a blog takes time. I have been struggling with this fact the entire length of my summer class. It is often difficult and time consuming to find material to blog about and furthermore material that interests the audience. The topics covered rarely stimulate a dialogue. And quite frankly, most CEO’s cannot devote the time it takes to make a good blog.


They Tend to be Inconsistent


What’s wrong with posting once a month? There is a lot wrong with that. The audience will lose interest. Imagine if your favorite store only added new merchandise once a month. How often would you go? The digital world has greatly shortened everyone’s attention span. People yearn for instant gratification. If material is not constantly changing, most people would tune out.


They Tend to be Dry


If people wanted to read a business journal, they would do just that. People do not search for a purely fact based article. The blog is not the place for that. There needs to be personality and style. Not to mention, wide topics of interest for the audience. The blog is not the place for a sales pitch, it is a place for a conversation to happen. Most CEO’s don’t recognize this.


Words of Advice


Be Yourself…but not too Much


Realize the separation between your business and personal lives. Realize that everything you say will reflect on yourself as well as your company. Realize that once you publish something on the Internet, it stays on the Internet. Think before you type.


Be Consistent


If you do not have enough material to post at the very least once a week, maybe a blog is not for you. Audiences respond when a blog seems like a conversation. Comments need to be addressed promptly and topics need to be refreshed appropriately.


Keep in mind, some CEO’s have done it right. See here.